Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tying Up Loose Ends

At this point, there is very little left to do on the finding aid for the Suellen Glashausser artists' books. Only a couple of images remain to be linked to the finding aid -- I made those earlier today from scanning books that had been in conservation while we worked on the rest of the project.

I have submitted the massive annotated bibliography as well as a draft of the documentation to Stew for his perusal. Left outstanding is a final document summarizing learnings and recommendations.

Next will be learning how the finding aid is released for public viewing.

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  1. Deb -

    Excellent work. I respended via e-mail with comments and suggestions for both the bibliography (excellent, but with a possible formatting recommendation) and process documentation (several suggestions).

    In your Nov. 16 entry you say that "Finally, I'll need to write an exit report with my observations..." YES!! I think that's all we'll need. I think this could be done via reflections and assessment in the blog unless we agreed on a more formal paper. Even if we agreed on a paper, I'll now defer to your preference but would like to hear what you have to say about what you learned, what worked, what didn't, what you might have done differently, and what you might recommend for anyone who follows in your steps. That wor?


Thanks very much for commenting. I appreciate your feedback.